How VIGO CH and VIGO FM works

Since 1998, when VIGO CH 450 and VIGO FM 100 Pills have become available to the general public, sex has been able to enjoy millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction .


But what is happening in their body after taking drugs that promote sexual potency? How does their do they job after drinking VIGO CH 450 or VIGO FM 100 ED pills? What’s happening in 24 hours?

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Here’s the answer. How the erections pills works:

First 12 Minutes – In the first minute your body absorbs and processes erectile dysfunction pills. Some men already have an erection after 10 minutes.

After 27 minutes If it hasn’t happened in the first 15 minutes, now the man’s penis should be straight and hard like the Eiffel Tower. Studies have shown that the effects of potent drugs are most common in half an hour.


After 57 minutes, almost an hour later, the man feels the greatest erection because the drugs are already absorbed and carried through the blood. Therefore, experts advise to drink a ed pill one hour before the act of love.

As shown by studies, the man’s erection lasts about 4 hours. But even later he can have full sex and enjoy sex.

After 4 hours, the effect of Medicines after four hours is no longer as effective. However, their “validity” is not over yet.

After 10 hours Scientists believe that even 10 hours after taking the tablet, the man may still experience a strong erection. In fact, the excitement is as strong as 2 hours ago.

After 12 Hours Many men can still lift their Pisa tower if they want to do so. However, it will stand firmly for about 16 minutes.

After 24 hours, the body is already taking medication and the men who no longer have erection problems have their own. How does potency medication work? They extend the blood vessels, which increases the blood flow. So the penis is also easier to fill with blood and stiff. Of course, in every case, the effectiveness of the blue tablet is influenced by the age and health of the human being.


We always advise you to consult with your GP before using erection enhancers.

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